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Concerning: Nuclear weapons and observance of international agreements etc...

Fredsskattefonden - august 1999

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v/ Erik Lau Christensen
Slagelsegade 7 2. th.
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tlf. (+45) 3538 2702 August 31. 1999
The Government of Great Britain
The British Embassy in Denmark
Kastelsvej 36-40
2100 Copenhagen Ø
We wish to express our concern in a case, which not only influences the people who selected the government in London, not only citizens of Europe, but influences citizens in the whole world.
Nuclear weapons were used for a generation as a deterrent in the belief that neither the East or the West would dare to start a war, when the opposing part had nuclear weapons able to destroy the attacking military power with crushing superior force and impact. That was in a time now gone by where the cold war between the two great powerblocks in the world existed. The tension between the nuclear powers kept most of the worlds citizens in a constant fear of war.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union we now only have one, big military alliance, NATO, left in the world. We all held the opinion, that nuclear weapons were not any longer needed as a mean for discouraging war. Agreements for disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons were made. According to a decision af the Hague-tribunal, use of nuclear weapons - or treat of use - is an international crime against humanity. Such a decision is self-evidently true
Consequently we, as citizens of a neighbouring country to Great Britain, are forced to recognize, in serious concern, that the British Government is apparently wilfully acting contrary these agreements and decisions.
For more than a year, Ulla Røder, a citizen of Denmark, with other peace-activists, attempted without succes to persuade the British Government to comply with signed international agreements and the decision of the Hague-tribunal.
Consequently in the absence of constructive responses from the British Government the peace-activists - according to the decisions of the Nürnberg-tribunal following World War 2 concerning the rights and duties of citizens endeavouring to prevent states from committing serious crimes - tried to disarm parts of a nuclear weapon-system, still being developed, to the effect, that the system could not with the same efficiency be used to kill us and other people on earth. In this letter we wish to express our gratitude for and support of the unselfish efforts of these peace-activists.
Ulla Røder is imprisoned and under charge in Corton Vale, Scotland together with two other peace-activists.
We are concerned because it appears to us that the state - Great Britain -, charging these peace-activists for breaking the law, should itself be in the dock, and the citizens of the world should - via the UN - be Counsel for the Prosecution.
Therefore we are asking the British Government to reconsider the illegal nuclear weapons program and to contribute to changing NATOs illegal nuclear weapons-strategy as soon as possible in order to end these crimes.
We further beg the British Government to ensure that the decisions of the Nürnberg-tribunal following the World War 2 and all the juridical implications are carefully considered and used in favour of the accused in the actual case.
Yours respectfully

On Behalf of the Board
Erik Lau Christensen

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