The Big Bang

Dear Friends,

As you all have known since months before, IAMI was planning an antimilitarist action which has been described as "big bang". One of the members of IAMI was going to declare himself a conscientious objector in
front of the press on the 14th of May.

Now, we have just finished the action succesfully which is a result of tiring and also dangerous months of work. This is the first massage that we sent to the international antimilitarist network after our action.

Today (14.05.2000), not one but three people from IAMI declared their objection against conscription in the antimilitarist festival in front of more than 800 people. We hope this will be a useful massage to force Turkish public to think on conscientious objection and also hope to see a big
reaction in the Turkish media.

The first part of IAMI's project is completed, and in the following days we will be waiting for the legal procedures that the new co's have to face.
We are planning to convert the probable legal accusations, judgements in military courts, imprisonments into a struggle campaign opposing to the obligaton of military service.

We think that the international co day is meaningfull till the last castle of militarism in the world is captured by pascifists. Turkish antimilitarists need and wait for your solidarity in capturing one of te most important castles in the world.

Uygar Abaci
on behalf of IAMI (Istanbul Antimilitarist Initiative)