- The Organization of Conscientious Objectors


MNF inform students in high schools about how they can become conscientious objectors. MNF hand out leaflets and notes at sessioner. MNF make happenings in the street to make people aware about our existence. MNF have two offices - one i Copenhagen and one i Aarhus. MNF publish a booklet of advice named Militærnægtervilkår (Conditions for Conscientious Objectors) and participate in international work (participation in conferences, solidarity actions etc.)

Some History...

The organization of conscientious objectors in Denmark, Militærnægterforeningen (or MNF), was founded in January 1967. The reasons for founding the organization were on one hand wishes to improve the conditions of the conscientious objectors (COs) and, on the other, a wish for stronger ties between former and present COs in order to give strength to the struggle for the dissemination of antimilitarism.

Though the MNF is part of the Danish peace movement, it has its main concerns within the area of conscription. The organization has its office in Copenhagen and here you can receive information as well as advice and guidance in connection with all sorts of questions about conscientious objection. We inform about the draft, the selective system, examination before the Draft (Medical) Board, and about applications to become a CO. Remember, it's never too late to say NO to the military!

You can call us or write to us for further information or contact. Among other things we offer our guidance pamphlet called "Militærnægtervilkår" (Conditions of Conscientious Objectors - for the time being the pamphlet is only available in Danish). You will find our address and phone number at the bottom of this page.

You can also read our programme of principles or the story of the MNF - past and present. The activists from the MNF are usually agitating in connection with draft board examinations. You can read about the draft examination (the "session") and about informative meetings for students at high school ("STORM").

The MNF's Analysis of the Conscientious Objectors

Every year, when the inducted COs start their service at the school of COs in Slagelse, the MNF makes an analysis of their attitudes to the following subjects :

As the analysis will show, the primary motive for becoming a CO does not always spring from profound pacifism. Some COs might actually be called objectors of convenience.

In a number of other countries convenience is not much of an issue at all. You can read about the Turkish CO, Osman Murat Ulke, and his long struggle to be recognized as a CO.

The MNF publishes the magazine NB (four times a year), the pamphlet "Militærnægtervilkår" (Conditions of Conscientious Objection), as well as a few other special publications whenever the occasion so requires. The annual subscription fee (membership including the NB magazine) is DKr 150,- a year. You can contact the MNF electronically via or at the following address :

Dronningensgade 14, 1420 København K. Phone : +45 31 57 67 25 (from Sep. 29th 1998 : +45 32 57 67 25); fax no. : +45 32 95 44 18.

Office hours every Tuesday and Thursday between 6 and 8 p.m.