Militærnægtere i Israel

Du kan skrive opmuntrende støttebreve til de fængslede israelske nægtere Oleg Baron, Walid Nafaa (og Theodore Rubinstien) på adressen:

Oleg Baron Theodore Rubinstien Walid Nafaa
Serial Nr. 6441654 Serial Nr. 5178660 Serial Nr. ?
Military Prison 4
Military Post 02507
Israeli Defence Forces

eller protestbreve til Israels (forholdsvis nye) premier- samt forsvarsminister, Ehud Barak, på adressen:

Mr. Ehud Barak, Minister of Defence
Ministry of Defence,
Kaplan Street
Tel Aviv
Fax: 972-3-6916940

Forslag til protestbrev til premier- samt forsvarsminister Ehud Barak:

Your Excellency,

I adress this letter to you as I am most concerned about the present situation of conscientious objectors in Israel.
Lately, I have been informed about the cases of some of your citizens namely Mr. Oleg Baron, Mr. Walid Nafaa, Mr. Theodore Rubinstien, and Mr. Lotahn Raz who have all stated their right to refrain from performing a military service due to reasons of conscience. None of these people have been offered any potential kind of alternative civil (non-military) service.

It is profoundly amazing that a modern society like the Israeli society with such a complexity of people does not offer its citizens the right to perform any kind of alternative service in connection with the conscription. On this the threshold of a new millenium, Israel ought indeed be the very country to serve as a pioneer in the work of finding a way to peaceful co-existence. I therefore urge you in your position as the Prime Minister as well as Minister of Defense of Israel, to ensure the possibility for any young conscript to register as a conscientious objector and at least be given the alternative of a non-military type of service. Furthermore I urge you to look into the cases of conscripts seeking a status as conscientious objectors to ensure a fair treatment of their rights to freedom of thought and opinion in concordance with the well-known human rights declared by the United Nations.

navn + adresse.

Du kan få yderligere oplysninger om sager vedr. fængslede nægtere hos den støttekomité, der arbejdede for militærnægteren Lothan Razs løsladelse, nemlig:
The Committee to Free Lothan Raz and for Freedom of Conscience

Det er også muligt at kontakte den israelske militærnægterforening på adressen: Association of Conscientious Objectors
P.O.B 4090
31040 Haifa
Tlf.: 972-4-8641368